Welcome to Enhanced

We Are on a Mission to Help People Realize Their Full Potential and Live More Meaningful Lives

The value of human life is so much more than we realize. We all can achieve a more peaceful, incredible life. The only thing that prevents us from accessing that potential is the disconnect from our higher self.

Our connection with our spiritual self and deeper parts of our minds is where the real gems of human nature are hidden. Enhance is here to make that possible and accessible for everyone.

What Is Enhanced?

Enhanced is a complete support system designed to suit the needs of every meditator. The Enhanced app provides you with uniquely scripted, powerful guided meditations, affirmations & visualizations designed to help you tap into real power of the subconscious.

Enhanced app prepares you with emotional strength to win in life and build a protective shield against anything coming your way. In other words, we help you enhance your life in unimaginably effortless ways.

With us, you Meditate More, Stress Less, & Live An Enhanced Life.

What Makes Us Unique?

Spiritual Growth

Meditations on Enhanced equally focus on spiritual growth, mindfulness, sleep, and mental health while helping you harness infinite energy and bliss to enhance your life experiences.

Top Notch Production

Top production quality for the best-guided meditation experience.


Each guided meditation is scripted with the utmost attention and tested, practiced, and perfected before it goes live on the app.


We utilize science-based visualization techniques to guide you on a profound mental journey. This journey is not only deeply emotional but also transformative, making you the main character in your own vivid story.

Access 200+ powerful guided meditations & visualizations to enhance every part of your life.