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Discover the Power of Guided Meditation

Are you looking for ways to gain greater clarity, reduce stress and anxiety, and create positive changes in your life? Guided meditation may be the answer you’re looking for. But how do you know it’s the best choice for you? Knowing the options can make it easy to select based on individual preferences.

Here, we’ll explore the power and benefits of guided meditation. Also, we will explore how guided, unguided, and silent meditations compare. We’ll also show you how to find the best guided meditation experience for your needs.


What is Guided Meditation?

Guided meditation involves a teacher or guide leading you through the process. This guide will use various techniques, such as visualization, affirmations, and breathing exercises. It makes it very easy to help you relax and focus on the present moment. The goal of guided meditation is to help you become more mindful and aware of yourself and your environment. Also, to take the guesswork of the meditation process out of the equation.

Unlike some other forms of meditation, guided meditation is not a solitary practice. Instead, it is a team activity that can be done in person or online. Trust and authenticity are crucial because you must let go and drift deep in meditation. When your guide is authentic to you, it becomes easier to trust them and let go.

In an online guided meditation, the teacher will lead you through the meditation with verbal instructions. During the meditation, the guide will help you to stay focused and relaxed. They will also provide support and encouragement throughout the session. For example, reminding you to notice when the mind wanders during meditation and bring the focus back. Depending on the type of guided meditation, there will be different kinds of instruction. These specific meditations are created to achieve certain goals. We will learn about them as we progress in this blog post.

What Do You Do In A Guided Meditation?

You just let go and follow instructions in the meditation of your choice. The narrator of the guided meditations will lead you through every step of the meditation. Your only task is to trust the process and believe in the guided meditation you are using.

You can set your intention before starting the meditation, as what you want is also very important. The intention for the meditation can do a lot for you. It can be something like “I am going to achieve the deeper state of meditation today”, or “I am ready to connect with the deepest spiritual side of myself”. It can be anything you feel is right for you at that moment.

what you do in guided meditations

Benefits of Guided Meditations

Meditation alone offers many benefits, but are there any benefits of guided meditation? After all, as an individual, we need to weigh all the options. It’s also important to know the individual benefits that guided meditations offer, if not, then how you’ll be able to decide what’s better for you?

Guided meditation can provide a variety of benefits in addition to the benefits you can get from other types of meditation. Benefits include stress reduction, improved mental clarity, enhanced creativity, better sleep, and self-awareness. It can also help you to become more mindful and aware of your feelings and thoughts. It can lead to greater emotional regulation and a sense of inner peace. However, there’s more that makes it a better choice over unguided meditation.

benefits of guided meditation

1. Beginner Friendly And Easy To Get Started With

Not everyone can find time out of their busy schedule to study all the different methods of meditation practices. Getting into meditation practice without knowing how to meditate properly can do more harm than good. Guided meditations make it easy and meditation practice reachable to everyone. As a beginner, guided meditations allow people to try even advanced types of meditation with confidence.

2. Meditating Regularly Is Easier

It’s a thing with more traditional and other ways of meditating, it can quickly get boring. With guided meditation, there are so many options and guided meditation scripts available. It becomes easy to stay consistent. You will always get to try a different meditation which will keep you from getting bored. It makes it easier to stay consistent when there is something new, and you feel excited to meditate.

3. It Is Easier To Visualize

When you are being guided in the visualization, it becomes easier to visualize. You don’t need to put effort into directing the visions; you can just focus on relaxing. You can just be present and follow the instruction while relaxing.

Even with guided meditations, some people may find it difficult to visualize vivid imagery. If you want to be able to have vivid visions during meditation, you can easily learn it. Here’s an article that will help you understand why you can’t visualize and how to visualize vivid imageries.

4. Lesser Distractions

When you are being guided into the meditation practice, you may get a lot fewer distracting thoughts. It’s easier to stay calm when you don’t need to stop thinking and return to quiet. For beginners, thoughts can be highly distracting and frustrating. The frustration can ruin your meditation experience. Yet, it’s normal for thoughts to arise every now and then, and with guided meditation you will be gently reminded to shift your attention back.

What Does Research Say About Guided meditations

Many Studies and Research are being held on the effectiveness of guided meditation. Let’s look at the two significant studies focusing solely on guided meditations.

Safe And Effective

One Research from 2015 highlights the potential therapeutic effects of meditation on physical and mental well-being. It argues that a personalized approach to meditation practice is needed, tailored to the individual. This approach ensures that the practice is safe and effective. The author suggests that using qEEG screening can help design a personalized guided meditation. A training program that maximizes results and minimizes risks.

Guided Meditation Program’s Effect On Of Anxiety And Depressive Symptoms

One observational study looks at the effects of an online guided meditation training program. The study was done to see the effect on self-reported symptoms of anxiety and depression. The Research enrolled 259 participants who were asked to practice meditation daily for 6 weeks. Participants completed surveys to assess their anxiety and depression levels at various points throughout the study. Results showed that after 2 weeks of practice. Participants with baseline anxiety and depression significantly improved with large effect sizes. These improvements were maintained at weeks 4 and 6.

How To Find The Best Guided Meditation Experience

It’s essential to find someone experienced and knowledgeable to teach and guide you is essential. That’s the base of finding the best meditation experience. It’s also important the experience is enjoyable and easy to maintain for you.

There are three ways you can get the best guided meditation experience. They do have their pros and cons. It’s up to you to find which one is more convenient and best for you.

Meditation Apps


You can find guided meditation programs on meditation apps, such as the Enhanced app, which can be downloaded here. Many mediation apps usually only provide very few numbers of meditations and keep the rest for the premium version. Whereas Enhanced uniquely offers a freemium version.

With freemium, you get access to a massive number of premium quality meditations for free. You will get all kinds of spiritual healing, mindfulness, and more for free.

The best part of using a meditation app such as Enhanced, is you can meditate at any time, whether a short meditations or for meditate for longer periods. There is always various meditation available specifically designed to suit everyone’s needs.

Offline Meditation Classes

people meditating in meditation

You can also find guided meditation experiences offline in a variety of places. These places include meditation centers, yoga studios, and meditation retreats. Many health clubs also offer meditation classes in their programs.

Attending offline meditation classes has two particular cons. You need to commute, and it is more of a group activity. If you are not a social person, it can feel overwhelming. The social aspect of it can be helpful for many, but it’s not convenient for everyone.

YouTube For Guided Meditations

Enhanced YouTube Meditation Channel

YouTube is also a great place to start with if you are just starting to meditate and don’t want to download the meditation app yet. You get to interact and engage with a community of like minded people. Interacting with the community allows you to share your experience and learn from others.

There are still two cons of using meditation on YouTube. One, it can be overwhelming because there are not going to be pre-set programs that can guide one to accomplish specific goals. Enhanced is also available on YouTube and strives to provide the best meditation experience there as well. It offers many organized, specific meditation programs in the form of playlists.

The second con is you will need to leave your phone unlocked while the meditation is playing unless you are paying for Youtube Premium. So it’s not ideal to be used anywhere.

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Styles of Guided Meditation

Guided meditations can be done in a variety of ways. There are three most common methods of guided meditation: basic, formal, and free.

Basic guided meditations are the simplest form of guided meditation. They involve a narrator leading you through many steps. These steps can include breathing exercises, visualizations, and affirmations.

Formal guided meditations are a more structured form of guided meditation. Guided mindfulness meditation, body scans, and guided visualizations fall under this style

Free meditations are similar to basic guided meditations. The difference is free meditation usually involves no guidance from a narrator. Instead, the meditator is left free to explore and observe. There can still be some guidance and supportive, compassionate words involved. These prompts are used here and there to help you through the process of meditation sessions.

guided meditation styles

What Are Silent and Unguided Meditations

Silent and Unguided Meditations

It’s important to understand what are silent and unguided meditation to understand the pros and cons of guided meditation. So, let’s look at what they are and how they compare with each other.

Silent meditation is the type of meditation where there is nothing. You don’t use sounds or anything at all and just meditate by yourself. Silent meditation also mostly doesn’t involve any visualization technique. Even though some simple visualizations and focusing on one vision that doesn’t require self-guidance can be done.

Unguided meditation is when you are using different audios and mantras for meditating, but there is no one guiding you. So, transcendental meditation can be an example of unguided meditation. You are also free to choose to visualize, but there is a possibility you can see visions you are not ready for sometimes.

Guided Meditation vs. Unguided Meditation

Guided and unguided meditation are both great. Going to provide you with the benefits of meditation equally. It just depends on your preference and where you are at understanding meditation. We all have different views and knowledge of meditation; you may feel more inclined to do unguided meditation. It’s possible even if you are an advanced meditator, you may want to try more advanced and complex types of meditation. Complex and deep meditations can require the help of an experienced teacher.

Beginners can benefit more by practicing guided meditation. When you are new to meditation practice, it makes sense that you would like to have support and encouragement. When we listen to a guided meditation while meditating, it not only guides us but also encourages us to meditate regularly. Especially when the meditation narrator is creative, warm, and welcoming, it becomes easier to get into the habit of meditating. It almost feels like you have a friend and mentor to support you in your journey.

On the other hand, unguided meditation can sometimes feel directionless. You may also need to put in more energy to plan and understand your growth. The solitude and practicing meditation without a voice directing you can also feel calming. So, making a choice between guided and unguided meditation is entirely a personal preference.

How To Know Which Method Of Meditation Is Best For You? - Guided, Silent, Unguided

There are three factors based on which you can choose which method will work best for you.

  • Where you stand in your meditation journey: If you are a beginner, it’s best to start with guided meditations. If you are a more avid and experienced meditator, you don’t need guided meditations, but it’s still a great option that’s there.
  • Your goal of meditating: Your intent and goal of meditation can also determine which method of meditation will be best for you. Certain types of meditation can only be done unguided or sometimes only with guidance. For example, healing meditations are best when you do them with the help of experts.

Your preference: Ultimately, your preference matters the most. You will be able to stick to the habit when enjoying the method of meditation.

how to know which of Guided, Silent, Unguided meditation is best for you

Best Guided Meditations To Enhance Your Abilities

Now that we have learned so much about guided meditations let’s look at how you can use them to Enhance your life and make it tenfold better. We have already learnt about the effectiveness of guided meditations. It helps a lot with stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. Now it’s time to dive deeper and learn in what other areas of life it can help us.

Guided Meditation For Flow State

It is a state of mind where you feel extremely focused and immersed into what you are doing. Some people can naturally tap into this flow state. It can feel like everything is flowing and you are getting everything done like you have some kind of superpower.

You know, today we talk about productivity, focus, discipline, and taking action. But does it matter if you dread doing the things you are supposed to do? Is it worth it if trying to discipline yourself and maintaining productivity depletes your mental energy?

It’s not worth it to force yourself to be protective. Tapping into that flow is the real secret to success that no one tells you about. It is a real superpower that no one is telling you about.

Here is the guided meditation to achieve that Flow State.

Guided Body Scan Meditation For Relaxations

Waking up every day with a tense body that doesn’t feel well-rested past can be a thing of the past. It actually should be a thing of the past! A smooth 5-minute body scan relaxation can do much more than you can imagine.

Body scan meditations are not just about relaxing muscles; it’s more than that. When you do body scan meditation every day over time, what will happen is your body will completely get rid of muscle tension. We have energy centers and channels all over our bodies. The stress and negative energy that is stored within each part of your body will be gone.

Try this short body scan meditation for yourself then you will be able to understand.

Guided Meditation For Increasing Willpower

If you feel and think that willpower is a limited resource, then it will stay that way. Doing our day-to-day tasks and making everyday decisions take energy from us. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t increase your willpower or have the energy to make impactful decisions every single day.

Where is the meditation that will change your beliefs about willpower and increase your willpower deficit?

You can try this meditation right this second and feel it for yourself.

Guided Meditation To Awaken Your Intuition

Intuition is one thing that can help us navigate through life a lot more easily. Every time you make a decision, there is a voice within you telling you if it’s good for you or not. You want to strengthen the voice within that always tell you what’s best for you.

This is something we all must focus on because every decision we make is going to lead us to a significant event in our life.

We have all experienced these two voices and these two thoughts that echo inside our heads. Voice is already there; you just need to be able to learn how to connect with it.

If you haven’t experienced it already, you can awaken that connection with your intuition. The stronger your intuition gets, the smoother your life will become, easy!

You can experience how that guided meditation for awakening intuition can do wonders.

Guided Meditation for Improved Sleep

It’s no secret that your mind power, memory, and cognitive abilities will increase immensely as a result of better sleep. If you want to be successful and do more, then it’s crucial to sleep well. What you think, 3-4 hours of sleep a night will allow you to be efficient and successful? Those extra hours of productivity are not worth it.

A nicely guided meditation can lead you to have the greatest, most restful sleep. People are starting to take melatonin supplements to get that wonderful night of sleep when it’s way easier and free of cost. You can easily fall asleep by using a sleep meditation.

Einstein used to sleep 10 hours a day and then take a one-second naps. Well, every individual’s need for sleep is going to be different. However, a good night’s sleep that actually provides you with the rest you need that’s important.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation Practices

Especially when you are a beginner, guided mindfulness meditation makes it easy to get into the mindfulness habit. Then eventually, you can adopt mindfulness in your daily life. There are also many mindfulness activities you can do that makes practicing mindfulness even easier.

Mindfulness helps us in many ways. Most importantly, it helps us stay in the present moment. By being present, we learn to respond instead of reacting. The best thing about this is, responding instead of reacting can solve a lot of issues in our routine life.

It’s the guided mindfulness meditations that help us so much to calm ourselves! Without them, we’d be struggling to focus while guiding ourselves.

Doing mindfulness meditation becomes way easier when there is someone who can guide you. You become free to focus on the present moment, and it allows you to pay attention to yourself.

Are Guided Meditations Safe?

Yes, guided meditations are completely safe!

The teacher provides instructions on how to practice meditation exercises. These instructions will help you to stay focused and relaxed throughout the session. But, it’s important to understand that meditation is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatments. It’s also wise to understand that guided meditation from experts and experience people are best and safest to use.

Do Guided Meditations Work?

Yes, guided meditations work just like meditations work. They can effectively reduce stress and anxiety levels. Meditation also improves emotional regulation, enhances creativity, improves sleep quality, and increases self-awareness. However, results are going vary depending on the individual and their level of experience.


Guided meditation can, in fact, be even more effective than meditating without guidance by yourself. The guidance from an expert makes sure that meditation practice is safe and effective. It also offers more benefits in addition to the regular benefits of meditation practice.

Would you like to live a stress-free life with superpowers such as awakened intuition, flow state, and increased willpower? Also, with a sharp memory, productivity, and flowing creativity? Guided meditation may be the answer you’re looking for. The Enhanced app can also help you to get the most out of your guided meditation experience. Download it today and start your journey to greater life and inner peace.


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